About Us

Welcome to the Camfil Farr Air Filter and Indoor Air Quality resources web site. Site content includes detailed information about indoor air quality issues and the application of air filters and air filtration systems to improve the quality of indoor air.

  • Air Quality – Air Quality in Offices, Public & Commercial Buildings
  • Containment Systems – Camfil Farr containment systems provide for the safe filtration and containment of dangerous biological, radiological, or carcinogenic materials.
  • Current Events – Current events effecting the air quality industry.
  • Fiber Size – Filter media fiber size dictates the performance of an air filter.
  • Health Care – Air Filtration in Health Care Facilities
  • IAQ Analysis – Camfil Farr is more than air filters. We are your Clean Air Solutions provider. Let us prove it.
  • MERV – A measure of filter efficiency, minimum efficiency reporting value greatly simplifies the reporting of air filter performance.
  • Mold – Learn about mold and methods of preventing or remediating mold problems in buildings.
  • Pharmaceutical – The use of air filters in the Pharmaceutical Industry and in cleanroom areas of medicinal processing.
  • SARS – Air filters applied for infectious disease control (SARS).
  • School IAQ – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues in schools.
  • Site Features

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