15 Best Clicker Games Of 2023 Ranked

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Ready to break that mouse? Let’s have some fun with the best clicker games of 2023!

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When you only count on an Internet Browser and a Mouse for some fun, you can always look for these video games. The main goal of the Best Clicker Games is to click as fast as possible on a single (or more) object. They aren’t that difficult, but immensely fun instead.

15 Best Clicker Games Of 2023 Ranked

We now share with you some of the Best Clicker Games of 2023. These games appear on the “23 Addictive Games like Cookie Clicker,” but we took the top 15 and gave each a rating. In other words, we increased their value inside this article.

If you still haven’t taken some time to download and play some clickers, you can follow this guideline.

These clicker games are “free to play.” And you’ll also need an Internet Browser.

15. Donut Clicker

Let us begin with one of the best examples of a Cookie Clicker look-a-like. Inside Donut Clicker, you focus on a donut with all your attention. Every time you use the right-click, the virtual counter will go up.

Making progress with Donut Clicker is easy. When you click enough times, you will see upgrades highlighted. These modifications will increase the reward counter and expanse your numbers.

For example, you’ll see items like “passive income” or clicker multipliers. In other words, each click will grab more numbers as you go.

Donut Clicker becomes more appealing when you unlock donut skins. Not a complex video game, but still fun.

14. Babel Tower

Multi-tasking in a Cookie Clicker game is, without a doubt, a risk to take. Instead of watching a single object, your eye moves around the place. Inside Bable Tower, you need to extract the stone and later shape it into bricks.

When you complete a brick, you could use it for the tower or sell it for profit. Like any other Cookie Clicker, you need virtual currency for possible upgrades.

In other words, you’ll pause the tower progression and sell the bricks for better tools. With improvements, the job becomes less tedious.

Completing the Babel Tower will take a while, giving you more playing sessions with this video game.

13. MineClicker 2

The developer team took elements from two different video games and mixed them up with MineClicker 2. Thanks to the thoughtful combination, you’ll learn gameplay mechanics from Cookie Clicker and Minecraft.

For example, after a couple of clicks, you’ll understand how to invest your virtual currencies and grab a couple of upgrades. On the other hand, you’ll discover how to manage the inventory and see attributes changing with equipment.

After a couple of hours with MineClicker 2, you can comfortably adapt to Cookie Clicker or Minecraft and play without issues.

Many video games like this example help build a bridge between genres and attract multiple players from both sides.

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12. Greedy Dwarves

Learn (somewhat) about our ventures of mine digging with this surprising take on a dwarf’s life. First, you click the ore to extract pieces of gold from mother nature. Second, command a cart to take all the ores to the “outside” for profit. Last, hire dwarves and get passive income from their hard work.

When you have enough in-game currency, you can grab a couple of updates and make the extraction less tedious. Following the Cookie Clicking principle, you only see one screen, keeping you busy for hours.

Indeed, you’ll see the charm of Greedy Dwarves with the animations and artwork. The more you use a Mouse in these video games, the more you’ll get in return.

11. Rock Paper Clicker

We all know how the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game works. More than often, this game helps us win an argument with another person. For example, who will choose the channel on the television screen? Undoubtedly, the person who wins the Rock, Paper, Scissor match will decide.

Now, Rock Paper Clicker gives us another approach to this classic game. Inside, you “fight” against the computer, and it tells you their option first. You only need to give a good answer if you want to win. Therefore, if you see a Rock, you reply with a Paper.

When you get accustomed to how the video game works, you’ll see an increase in difficulty. Out of nowhere, a “Fire” will appear that interacts with the old items and future options.

Although you can take time to think things through, you can increase the challenge by “speedrunning” this video game.

10. Commit Battery 2

Charge as many batteries as possible with the aid of your mouse. When the power reaches maximum capacity, the battery completes, and you move to the next. Following the Cookie Clicker principle, you get virtual cash, which it’s necessary for updates.

The addition in Commit Battery 2 is the bonus you’ll get when you charge a battery. After you get a hold of a good rhythm, you’ll get to stack more virtual cash. Furthermore, each achievement in the game counts as a “trophy,” and you can exchange them for upgrades.

Lastly, there’s a gadget (called Aut-O-Filler), which helps you take a little break from all that clicking.

With little changes from developers, these video games feel refreshing and appealing.

9. DualForce Idle

If you want an easy “migration” between two genres (clickers to tower defense), this video game will show you how. First, you will find all the elements from a clicker, using your Mouse as the action taker. Furthermore, you’ll see familiar gaming mechanics like upgrades and ways to earn passive income.

On the other hand, if you’re unfamiliar with the tower defense genre, DualForce Idle will teach you more than enough. The main goal is to stop the enemy’s wave (by killing) before they reach the end of the road. If you fail, each escaping threat will “hurt” your tower and reduce its health. When the Tower falls, you’ll lose the match.

If you manage to survive the attack, you’ll earn credits which will help you improve your turrets and traps. These elements will help you enhance your defenses and set your path to glory.

8. Idle Streamer

If you don’t know what it takes to become a famous streamer, this video game will show you some critical steps. When you load Idle Streamer, you’ll see a person concentrated on their computer. You don’t know what video game they are playing, but he already knows how everything works.

That virtual person is boosting their bottoms and already has a passive income. You can help the cause and click randomly across the room for additional credits. After you accumulate enough virtual cash, you can upgrade computer components or decorate the room.

Between it all, the person never seems to lose focus on the monitor’s screen. Even if they are bored with their video game, the show must never stop.

Through the journey, you’ll see how random people share their opinion and follow the streamer. When you have enough levels, you’ll get the option to respond to the audience.

7. Idle Farming Business

Grab your best Mouse and start a new virtual business opportunity with your clicks. From the star,t you’ll see nine empty spaces around a rural setting. The video game kicks off with an outstanding tutorial that aims to teach you the basics. If you have experience with any of the best clicker games, you’ll cruise it through.

When you unlock a square, you’ll see a plant growing, which you can harvest. Gathering vegetables will earn you virtual income for your new farm. Like any other option from this article, you can use your virtual currency to expand your farm.

Besides the good old clicker games formula, Idle Farming Business has outstanding graphics and cheeky animations. Overall a great option if you want to start playing this genre.

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6. EvoHero: Idle Gladiators

Here you’ll find a great “bridge” between two types of genres. On the one hand, you have the all-classic clicker with its rules and the need for extra clicking. If you’re familiar with the gaming mechanics, you’ll know when to use the upgrades and how to improve passive income.

In contrast, you could learn about the idle genre; Idle Gladiators is your chance. From the start, you’ll see animated fighters that work by themselves. As you increase the strength of your wrestlers, the farther you’ll go.

Joining both forces will give you one of the best clicker games. You’ll see one arena in the middle where you can place your champions and even a dummy that you can click for virtual currency.

5. Kiwi Clicker

If you want to see improvements with the best clicker games? Load Kiwi Clicker now. Instead of focusing your eye on a single element, you need to move through other things. For example, you have a big “kiwi” or animal that drops fruit slices, and you have little kiwis moving the goodies into a castle. In other words, you’ll manage the complete production of goods inside a single screen.

When you only set your sights on a single thing, other parts will get stuck.

Like any other clickers, everything will appear less tedious with upgrades.

4. Tap Hero

Gather your best Mouse and help the hero survive an endless horde of enemies. Instead of keeping the player out of any “complications,” you’ll lose sometimes. If anyone catches the champion, you’ll need to start over.

Every time you press the Right Mouse button, you’ll help the Hero turn around and slice anything with its sword. But be careful; if you take too much time, the enemy will hit first, too late, and you’ll whiff the attack.

The best clicker games like this tend to turn easier when you grab some upgrades (like armor), and you’ll have more survival options for your champion.

3. Bossy Toss

If you’re looking for a way to find “revenge” against those oppressing real-life bosses, you could load Bossy Toss. From the start, you’ll see the 3D model of a cartoonish boss waiting for you to strike. When you become familiar with the best clicker games, clicking is the way.

After you let go of the Mouse’s button, you’ll see a weapon flying directly to the only boss in sight. Furthermore, you’ll get in-game currency with your attacks.

Randomly you’ll see notifications when you unlock achievements or new weapons. Getting these options will help you keep things fresh.

The entire 3D office feels different from the accustomed clicker game; you can even interact with some options around the place.

Later, you’ll change to another office and throw more things at other bosses.

2. War Clicks

Produce an entire army with a few clicks and well-placed upgrades. When you load this option in your Internet Browser, a log-in screen will wait for your attention. From this point, you can create a new account or go straight into the game with the “log in as a guest” option.

Think twice, though, since you could lose your progress if you don’t set up one account.

After the set-up, you’ll find yourself following the bits of advice from the tutorial. With the help of the tutorial, you’ll understand how to build different fighting units and enhance their performance.

War Clicks appears with unique gameplay mechanics. For example, you can gather your army and fight against other players.

1. Clicker Heroes

This option doesn’t have the best graphics or unique ways to play a clicker game. Overall, Clicker Heroes appears with the same old gameplay elements we discussed from some of the Best Clicker Games. Although old formula, it never feels tedious to play.

With Clicker Heroes, you’ll build a powerful party of random champions. These fighters clash against waves of powerful monsters.

Thanks to the efforts of your Mouse clicking and improvements, you’ll eradicate any danger from this fantasy setting.

When you complete five levels, you’ll encounter a powerful “boss” that appears with a timer. If you run out of seconds, the enemy will respawn with complete health. We recommend moving to the previous level and obtaining virtual currency while defeating easier monsters.

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