7 Egg Clicker Game Alternatives

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Egg Clicker has been breaking computer mice since it went viral, let’s check out what other games you should be clicking on…

After the success of Cookie Clicker, many developers took their knowledge and made multiple joyful alternatives. Depending on the working team, you might only see the same gameplay mechanics with different visuals or new engaging concepts. Like any other free-to-play video game, everything is welcome.

You don’t need any gaming experience to play these video games. If you know how the Mouse works, everything else will feel easier to follow.

Without further ado, here are some of the Egg Clicker Game Alternatives.

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7 Egg Clicker Game Alternatives

Here you have the seven Browser game alternatives from this specific theme. You can pick whichever you find interesting right away. Remember to keep an open mind and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

Easter Clicker

The first spot on this list belongs to the most “loyal” Egg Clicker Game. From the start, you’ll see a colored egg that gives you more eggs when you click on it. Everything you’ll see in this game will look as easter as possible (except for a Nuclear Plant),

One of the admirable additions of Easter Clicker is how upgrades work. When you play this video game, you’ll see the new “workers” (upgrades) moving around the screen. Each element will drop a color that needs some clicking.

In case you’re wondering, all the classic clicker gameplay mechanics appear in Easter Clicker. For example, you could click one big object in the middle without stopping. Different upgrades will generate more points (in this case, eggs), and you’ll earn millions out of nowhere.

One important in-game mechanic is the freedom to save your progress. With some clicks on your Mouse, you can download a save–file and store it on your computer. When you re-load Easter Clicker, you can upload the file and return to your clicking progress.

Another remarkable difference is the video game’s ending. When you gather 500 million eggs, you can click the banner in the middle and win. If you’re interested enough, you can start over and see if you can reach this point as fast as possible (speed-running)

From now on this list, our journey reached a crossroads, and we have two ways to continue this egg-like journey. In one turn, we’ll focus on those web browsers and free-to-play video games that follow the egg trend. The other road leads us to more clicker games that follow similar gameplay mechanics but without the “egg” part.

Eggy Road

Let’s take the “eggy” path and see what we can find from all over the Internet. Remember, these options are free-to-play, and you’ll only need an Internet Browser.

Bouncy Egg

In this video game, you’ll need to use tools to move a single egg into a casket. Cruising through the tutorial, you’ll learn quickly about the in-game physics and hazard TNT blocks. But after a few levels, you’ll have to move the pieces around the area until you get it right. For example, some trampolines will help you keep the egg inside the map and move it around.

Besides the trampoline, you’ll find “void portals” which teleport the egg around the map. As you move through some levels, you’ll discover more fascinating tools and ways to interact with the egg.

You’ll soon discover that Bouncy Egg appears with a “star” system like those you’ve probably seen inside mobile games. The less time you take solving the riddle, the more stars you’ll get. Although a captivating gaming mechanic, you can ignore the results and continue with your playing session.

Bouncy Egg comes with simple graphics, but the well-thought levels and powerful in-game physics make it one of a kind. If you want to keep your mind busy for a few minutes, give Bouncy Egg a chance and see how it goes.

Egg Car

Unlike Bouncy Egg, this video game will increase your frustration in a couple of seconds. Inside Egg Car, you move a little red car with two keys. When you press the left arrow, you’ll reduce the speed or go backward. On the other hand, the right arrow works as an acceleration and will move the car forward.

You’ll need to move the vehicle through a single “off-road” track that becomes difficult to travel as you go through. You’ll see clifts and slopes which change the vehicle’s angle and interact with your momentum.

The hardest part of this video game is the big egg you’ll need to balance on top of the car. Egg Car comes with exaggerated in-game physics, which only increases the difficulty. If you press the accelerator button for two seconds, the egg will fly away from the vehicle and crash into the ground.

You’ll find “power-ups” like a freezing spell that keeps the egg attached to your vehicle for a little while. After the power-up runs out, the egg will “forget” the original momentum and might throw itself back. If you’re not ready to react, you’ll lose your progress even by standing still.

When the egg falls and cracks (which happens more than often), you can restart the race from that point by watching ads. You can also avoid the ad torture, but you’ll have to restart from the beginning. In other words, you’ll pick your poison.

With enough patience, you’ll accumulate enough gold coins and buy different vehicles. Each car changes the chassis and movement speed, making things easier/difficult.

Eggy’s Big Adventure

Free the Egg World (?) from terrible black creatures as you move through different stages and collect eggs. Even though Eggy’s Big Adventure doesn’t give you the best graphics, you’ll see the work these developers shared with their craft. For example, you’ll hear voice actors narrating the story and hints throughout the journey.

Eggy’s Big Adventure is an outstanding Egg Clicker Game alternative. Inside this video game, you’ll find a platformer where you jump around obstacles and try to avoid dark creatures.

Like Mario Bros, you’ll see different stages or doors with variety. The difficulty will rise as you travel across the levels with more gameplay mechanics and changing biomes.

Everything in Eggy’s Big Adventure has physics (even the clouds); some obstacles will break your jumps and lead you to your demise. Furthermore, the jumping button sometimes doesn’t work correctly. Inside a platformer like this video game, this is a huge issue that might kill your run.

Collecting eggs is indirectly one of the main goals. Some paths will unlock as you gather the right amount of these resources. Luckily you don’t need to grab all twenty from a single stage.

You can use the Keyboard to move Eggy around or even a Gamepad. It all comes down to personal preferences; old gamers will tend to use a Gamepad for a better “grip.”

Clicker Path

Now, let us move away from the Eggy part of this article and focus on multiple clicking. All of these Egg Clicker Game Alternatives appear in related articles. In other words, they come with great potential.

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Donut Clicker

This option is the closest you’ll ever get to the Egg Clicker Game. Instead of one big egg, you’ll focus on a massive donut. As accustomed, you’ll earn credits every time you click the round thing in the middle of your screen.

After a few clicks, you’ll get the option to invest in different upgrades. The first option will increase the amount of currency with each click. On the other hand, some powerups will add “passive income” or idle virtual currency.

In the first ten minutes of your gaming session, you might grab around 100 donuts per second. Later on, you’ll get millions from the multipliers.

Many of these clicker games don’t come with over-the-top graphics or the most complex gaming mechanics, but they still have a special spark. When you load Donut Clicker, you’ll burn minutes without even noticing.

Commit Battery 2

Let us move into “unnatural” objects with Commt Battery 2. Instead of seeing eggs or any other type of food, you’ll focus on charging multiple batteries. With each click, you’ll increase the “charging bar” inside the object until it’s finished. Your work is far from over, though, as another empty battery appears on your screen.

Every time you use the mouse, you’ll earn credits (like any other clicker game), but you’ll also get a bonus when you charge one battery. Furthermore, after you gather enough virtual currency, you’ll grab a couple of upgrades. Like any Egg Clicker Game Alternatives, you can increase the number of credits when you click a battery or from a passive income.

The developers added more twists to Commit Battery 2 with the latest gameplay mechanics. For example, you can use another tool (called Aut-O-Filler) that adds battery charge. In other words, you’ll have time to regain stamina and rest your finger. Also, multiple notifications across your playthrough will appear after you complete an achievement. You can exchange these trophies (the achievements) for more in-game currency.

Many developers try their best to remain relevant in the gaming industry. Luckily they made things better with Commt Battery 2.

Kiwi Clicker

Speaking about meaningful video game adaptation, here you have Kiwi Clicker. Inside this video game, you’ll need to focus on different elements to keep the kiwi flowing and earn in-game currency quickly. You’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Big Bird in the bottom-middle of your screen: This is the source of “kiwi.” Every time you click on the bird, it will drop slices into the pit on your left.
  • Calling a Bagger: When you have enough kiwis in the pit, one bagger will wake and take them to the castle.
  • Pass the security boot: In the middle of the road, a little building will scan each bagger before letting them to the castle. You can reduce the time by clicking on the blue flag.
  • Exchange Kiwis for Gold Coins: After the baggers reach the final destination, they will sell their bags for Gold Coins.
  • Upgrade Your Income: You can enhance different parts of the Kiwi gathering and sell like any other clicker game.
  • Fight the King: After you grab enough Kiwis, a King will leave the castle, ready to fight. Each click on the King will reduce the health until you defeat them. You’ll also receive a point that you can spend on skill trees.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll start to grab millions of Gold Coins in no time.

Wrapping up

As you can already tell, hitting the right genre with specific themes could be difficult. Nevertheless, you can add creativity and look for similar video games from the extensive Internet library. The first Egg Clicker Alternative gave us an easy task since you still find all the elements in a single video game.

The next part of the article gave us a little freedom for gaming selection. Above all, we found those free-to-play elements which come with powerful potential.

All of the video games from this article only need an Internet browser to work. You can also share these video games with all your friends or family members since they don’t have age restrictions.

Try as many as you’ll like and enjoy the trip.

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Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about Egg Clicker Games

Here you have some of the most common questions about this subject:

Are these video games free-to-play?

Yes, all the options from this article are on the Internet, waiting for you.

Do I need to see Ads inside each Browser game?

You can skip every single ad and play as much time as possible. Although, you could have some enhancements and support the developers when you watch a couple of videos.

What Peripherals do You need to play Browser Games?

You can play with a Mouse or Keyboard; some exceptions allow you to play with a Gamepad.

Is there any time limit for any of these Browser Games?

As far as we can tell, there is none. You can play all the time you want to invest in a single option.