23 Addictive Games Like Cookie Clicker For 2023

by Jose Garcia | Last updated 16th August, 2023 | Posted in Blog

Cookie Clicker is a legend so we dug deep to unearth the best games like Cookie Clicker that you can play for free.

Here you have a big list with many different options from the clicker games genre. You only need to load an Internet browser and search for the cookie clicker you find interesting.

All the elements of this list appear without any particular order. Furthermore, you’ll find some elements that aren’t that loyal to this genre, but they’ll still make your mouse work.

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23. Clicker Heroes

Let’s start this crusade with a great example of games like cookie clicker. Unlike many new video games on the market, it doesn’t need the best graphics to succeed. Instead, all you need is a few captivating gameplay mechanics and you’re good to go.

Inside Clicker Heroes you begin with a single warrior (you) that uses each click as an attack. After you become a powerful monster slayer, you’ll soon discover that each little victory drops gold coins. This virtual currency helps you improve your character and even hire other heroes.

With each new level and upgrade you’ll see the number getting higher and higher. Between 5 levels you’ll need to kill a “Boss” or powerful enemy before the time runs out. If you find it hard to continue, you might want to move a level below and “farm” enough gold for multiple upgrades. 

22. War Clicks

Create a powerful army with tons of tanks and aircraft that fire with a single click. From the start, you have the option to create an account which might help save your progress. If you want to try the video game first without any complications, you can log in as a guest.

When you manage to pass the first screen, you’ll see a tutorial telling you the basic elements of War Clicks. Above all, you practically do the same thing as many other games like cookie clickers. Each enemy comes with a health bar, indicating how many clicks you’ll need to destroy them.

After you gather enough resources, you could spend it by buying more units or powerful upgrades. Furthermore, after a while, you’ll unlock the multiplayer part of this video game and clash against other people.

21. Capybara Clicker

Click a Capybara to earn more Capybara and earn Capybara multipliers as you keep clicking. From the start, you’ll see a golden animal (Capybara) where you have to click as much as possible.

After a while, you’ll see more upgrades that will multiply the reward with each click and give you a “passive income.” If you keep a good rhythm, you’ll see a bar filling on the bottom left. When you reach the top, you’ll get another multiplier. 

As you make progress with this video game, you’ll unlock different skins for the main Capybara with different hats or accessories. Without a doubt, a simple clicker, but still worth trying.

20. Planet Clicker 2

Following the same concept as Capybara, you instead click a planet to harvest energy (?). After you accumulate enough points, you get to click another planet from the solar system.

The bonuses and progress feel similar. Unlike the previous video game, you don’t need to click an animal.

19. Candy Clicker 2

If you fail to see the charm of the Capybara or the planets, you can play Candy Clicker instead. Besides the candy, everything else works as many Games like Cookie Clicker.

18. Donut Clicker

Now you’ll need to use all your clicking power to “eat” as many Donuts as possible with this video game. Besides the art style, almost everything works as a usual cookie clicker.

17. MineClicker 2

If you think you have seen enough Minecraft, well, we now give you another simpler version. With MineClicker 2 you see your character with a “top view” hitting stuff every time you click.

There’s a chance that you’ll earn drops from each kill, which you can equip and improve your character. In Games like Cookie Clicker terms, you will make more damage with each click depending on your stats.

Above all, MineClicker 2 takes both themes and merges them into a great mixture. If you know about clickers but have no knowledge of Minecraft, you will learn a thing or two here. 

16. DualForce Idle

DualForce Idle comes with an interesting take on this genre as it combines the elements from Games like Cookie Clicker and tower defense. From the start, you’ll see a monster moving slowly in a pattern, and you need to click on it until it dies.

After you destroy an enemy, you’ll earn rewards that will help you improve. For example, you can get turrets that help you defend the “tower.” These building work like auto clickers that give you passive income. After a couple of updates, you’ll see how things build into something worth trying for a while.

Even though DualForce Idle feels “slow” than the rest of the clickers, things remain interesting. Plus, the pixel art gives it a little charm.

15. Babel Tower

When you add a few changes to the clicking core mechanics, things suddenly feel refreshing. Within Babel Tower, you need to click different options like digging for rocks and shaping them out. 

In the middle of everything, you can sell the final product (a brick) for upgrades or leave them there for your tower. As the name of the video game implies (Babel), you’ll need time to complete the tower.

As you can already tell, you’ll need to build a great strategy for greater results.

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14. Idle Farming Business

In this video game, you’ll find another peculiar twist to the genre. The whole farm appears divided into 9 squares, each representing a unique plant. Depending on the square, you’ll need to click almost instantly or wait for a couple of seconds.

As you harvest your crops, you’ll earn virtual money in return. After a little while, you might want to invest your currency for more squares or powerful upgrades. In-game achievements also give you great bonuses after you unlock them.

Click as many plants as possible and become the top farmer.

13. Idle Pet Business

Following the trend, the developers added a few changes and posted another clicker for us. Instead of selling vegetables, you now “cultivate” different animals. Besides the great pixel artwork, the core gameplay remains the same.

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12. EvoHero: Idle Gladiators

What happens when you mix the idle fighters with Games like Cookie Clicker? You’ll get this amazing option. On the one hand, you get to buy different fighters that constantly fight inside the arena. As you upgrade their stats, they will earn gold for you.

Meanwhile, you can click a dummy in the middle of the arena and earn in-game currency with each click. The more you repeat this process, the more your pockets will grow. 

The in-game progress depends on yourself. If you have time to burn, you could click the dummy for a while. But when things get busier, you can leave your fighters and return later.

11. Commit Battery 2

“Learn” how to charge a battery by clicking on it until there’s enough power. Besides the typical Games like Cookie Clicker, you get bonuses each time you complete a battery.

Additionally, you can invest your achievement trophies for upgrades. You can also use the “Aut-O-Filler,” which can help you recharge batteries when your finger needs a little rest.

With a couple of changes, Commit Battery 2 aims to refresh this genre a little, and help it keep Games like Cookie Clicker alive.

10. Idle Streamer

Become a part of a dude’s new dream with this interesting video game. From the start you’ll see a guy in front of a computer, earning credits while streaming.

You can help a little by clicking at any place in the room and earning more income. With enough in-game currency, you can upgrade parts of the computer, and decorations, or improve the streamer’s skills.

One additional detail is the constant messages from the viewers. Even though they are preset, it’s always fun to see a few jokes as you try to improve the streamer.

9. Greedy Dwarves

Become a mining manager and learn how to extract gold efficiently. With each upgrade, you’ll improve the gold extraction and make your staff (the dwarves) better.

Like many other Games like Cookie Clicker, you’ll earn in-game currency depending on how many clicks you make. The dwarves will help with that passive income, which means that things become easier the more personnel you have.

8. Bossy Toss

If you feel like your boss treats you badly, well you can use this video game to release some steam. With each click, you’ll throw your weapon to the virtual boss as they keep bombarding you with “work harder” messages. 

Somehow, you earn credits with each throw, and you can use this currency to buy better weapons. Achievements like “land ten headshots” will help you earn more cash. As you continue the game session, you’ll unlock new levels and powerful weapons.

The in-game graphics are amazing and you can even interact with different items around the office.

7. Rock Paper Clicker

Although you don’t need to click as many times as possible on a single element on your screen, this video game is still fun.

With Rock Paper Clicker, you’ll start playing the classic “Rock, Paper, and Scissors.” Simply put, you need to click the right item to defeat the challenger (in this case, the computer).

After a few tries, you’ll see more elements appearing in the menu. For example, Fire appears out of nowhere, and it’s good against Paper. The more you play, the greater the challenge.

6. Kiwi Clicker

A great option if you are one of those players that like more clicking options and amazing art. This time, you have to click a “kiwi” which drops slices, and other animals deliver the items into a castle (you’ll understand once you start the video game).

You’ll need to manage every part of the process, or you’ll find yourself in a “bottleneck” situation where something lags things up. Furthermore, you can use a skill tree that adds more bonuses.

When you keep everything working fine, earn in-game currency easier.

5. Tap Hero

An interesting take on this genre that might help with improving your reaction. On this occasion, you play as a powerful warrior that needs to survive against a horde of enemies.

Every time you press the mouse button, you’ll help the warrior change direction from left to right and vice-versa. The objective of Tap Hero is to turn when an enemy moves close to your back. If you take too much time the enemy will strike and defeat you. 

Also, if you react too early the warrior will strike the floor with the sword, leaving you vulnerable. When you grab enough coins, you can upgrade your equipment.

4. Zombies VS Finger

Try to squish as many zombies as possible with your fingers before they reach the lowest part of the screen. With training with these Games like Cookie Clicker, you’ll have no trouble eradicating the danger.

3. Meow Merge

Quickly tap the big black cat until you spawn new kittens. After you have enough, you can drag one from the middle and merge them with another of its kind. With each cat’s level, you’ll see how the cats turn into another model.

2. Smash Car Idle 2

Help a little guy with his new hobby of destroying random vehicles. With each click, you’ll see the little guy jump and damage the car. After a few hits, you’ll have enough cash for improvements. When you destroy one item, you’ll soon find the next victim.

1, Idle Money Tree

If Money grew from trees, you might find yourself doing the same things in this video game. You’ll need to grab the bags of money and use your earning for upgrades.

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