9 Money Clicker Game Alternatives

by Jose Garcia | Last updated 16th August, 2023 | Posted in Blog

Ready to become the next money clicker trillionaire? Trigger finger ready? Let’s find the best money clicker game alternatives.

Become the Next Trillionaire

Who knew you’ll still find video games from all over the Internet with complex rules and ways to have fun? Money Clicker Games allow you to manage and build your empire from scratch.

Pick your business, hire the best personnel, and start earning virtual billions.

9 Money Clicker Game Alternatives

Inside the Money Clicker Game, you’ll find great options to spend your gaming sessions. As we discussed in similar articles, each video game is free-to-play, and you’ll only need an Internet Browser to make them work.

If you have some time to burn, you can always load your favorite business game for more fun.

Idle Mining Empire

Let us begin with a simple but entertaining money clicker game called Idle Mining Empire. When you load the game, you’ll see almost every relevant element. If you’re confused, the tutorial will explain everything in minutes.

Inside Idle Mining Empire, you’ll find little workers with a proper goal. These are: 

  • Miners: They extract precious stones from the mine. At the start, you’ll need to click the worker more than often, or they’ll go to sleep. After a few upgrades, you’ll see more miners grouped on a single floor. Each miner will give you more income.
  • Elevator guy: This person holds the reins of a single elevator for the entire mine. When there’s metal waiting below, they move down and turn back up. At first, they can only carry a short amount of stones, but you can improve their “capacity” with upgrades.
  • Surface Transporter: The last essential guy will turn all the hard work into profit. After the elevator guy returns to the surface, this worker moves the metals into a warehouse. Like the previous worker, they have a low carrying capacity. You have the option to upgrade the mine cart.
  • Managers: Each worker puts the “idle” to the Idle Mining Empire. When you add one manager to a station, they keep the work flowing. Still, you need managing for all the previous employees. Furthermore, they can  “boost” the workflow for a limited time.
  • Investor: When they appear, you can sell your mine. In other words, reset the game and start over.

Even though it looks “plain,” the graphics have a powerful charm. Above all, the gaming mechanics will keep your attention for a couple of hours,

Idle Hypermart Empire

One alternative to Idle Mining Empire that help you grow to the top and not the bottom. As you may already guess, you build a market by getting more and more floors. Besides that aesthetic change, the gameplay mechanics remain the same. You have a team of workers that need to move in unison.

Having enough managers and upgrades, you can see how they work and generate passive income. You can even open a second tab, run Idle Mining Empire, and have two businesses running simultaneously.

Idle Pet Business

Gather your furry friends and make billions with a single Pet Store. When you load Iddle Pet Business inside your Internet Browser, you’re up for tons of fun. Like any other Money Clicker Game from this list, you don’t need a gaming experience. Instead, if you manage to use a Mouse a follow a limited set of rules, it’s all you need.

To become a successful Manager, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  • Buy Store Room: If you’re following the tutorial, it will show you how to start. After you unlock the first slot, you’ll see a tiny hamster sitting there. After you collect enough cash, you can unlock more places from this store.
  • Collect Profits?: The easiest way to earn virtual currency is by petting the animals (?). Depending on the furry creature, you can wait a bit and gather a certain amount of cash.
  • Upgrade Slots: Following the gameplay mechanics from any clicker game, you get more money with upgrades. With each added investment, you’ll grab more coins when you pet the mascot (?). Above all, you can unlock “stacks” with each pet, adding the idle to this clicker. When you grab the stack upgrades, you could leave the video game running and grab the money later.
  • Gather All the Achievements: An outstanding addition to Idle Pet Business is the in-game achievements. When you complete a simple task while playing this video game, you can gather the reward from the achievement list.

Fitness Club 3D

Make the whole town healthier with a new powerful gym. Inside Fitness Club 3D, you’ll start your journey as an owner/trainer of one establishment. You’ll need to follow every client and help them; when they cannot set the machine’s speed by themselves. After the customers finish their training routine, they’ll throw cash near the equipment.

You’ll need to move from place to place, gathering the virtual cash and helping those customers in need. When you accumulate enough money, you can use it to buy more equipment or to improve the cash flow.

Furthermore, you can use all the hard-earned money for building upgrades, more rooms, and activities. Sadly, we didn’t experience the new animations because you need to see ads.

Almost everything in this option wants that you waste a couple of minutes looking for random ads. If you don’t have any inconveniences with this practice, you’ll get to see the game. Casual players only experience the beginning (around 10 mins) of Fitness Club 3D.

Although this money clicker game appears with a shady “business,” you’ll still see great animations and a calm soundtrack.

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Used Car Dealer Tycoon

More than often we see people trading the one-year-old vehicle for the latest model. Following these practices, we perceive how you can make a business from this luxury. Playing “Used Car Dealer Tycoon,” you’ll understand the essential parts of acquiring a new car and immediately selling it for profit.

Inside this money clicker game, you’ll see elements such as:

  • Buyer: When you start the car dealer journey, you’ll barter for new rides. After a while, you can leave someone else to concentrate on the negotiation. Updates will help reduce the barter time and how much they can reduce the price.
  • Seller: The next step requires another personnel who will help you sell it back to the town. Inside a parking zone from your new business, you can hire more than one NPC (seller) and improve their negotiating procedures.
  • Advertisement: Spread the word and share the news about your new market. Increasing the advertisement factor will call those clients that want to sell/buy a vehicle.
  • Business Operation Reports: Different numbers (and colors) will help you manage your empire. When you see a red line, go for that part (buyer, seller, ads) of your business and improve until it turns green.
  • Unlock New Vehicles: After a few parking lot upgrades, you’ll see a new model appearing in a notification. Each item will increase your total income.
  • Quests: Different objectives will grant you extra virtual currency. For example, you might get “upgrade the advertisement twenty times.” 
  • Expansions: In the middle of everything, you can add shops around the establishment. You’ll start with a Car Wash and end with a Coffee Shop. Every building will give you more income.
  • VIP Area: There’s a parking spot with the VIP letters. Peculiar vehicles will part and might give you random bonuses.

Dino’s Farm Shop

The next spot in the Money Clicker Game list belongs to this fascinating video game. In Dino’s Farm Shop, you take command of a single dinosaur. You can move the manager with your Mouse or a Keyboard; either option lets you respond quickly. Like any other clicker game, you can improve your character by adding more slots to your inventory.

The main goal of this video game is to purchase plants and mix them into different types of food. Your customers (cave people) will move to gather the item they want and pay for their groceries.

On the other hand, you need to move across the shop, gather the fruits/vegetables and place them in a stockpile.

Afterward, you will get the option to purchase Cooking Tools and sell different types of food. You’ll increase the shop’s inventory, but there are more relevant items.

Luckily you can hire more dinosaur helpers focusing on a single fruit/vegetable. More than often, these workers will take a “mandatory” break, and you’ll need to interrupt their rest.

In addition to those slacking helpers, some snakes will appear, or some tools might break. When something happens in the shop, you’ll get a little notification, and only you can fix the issue.

Lastly, when you have all the equipment in a single establishment, an option will let you buy another shop and start over.

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Burger Boss

Discover what it takes to become the best fast-food restaurant in the entire region. First, you’ll serve hamburgers to your clients, doing both the chief and waiter’s jobs. When you gather enough virtual currency, you can expand your lot and add food variety.

We recommend that you hire a Waiter as fast as possible. With an extra set of hands, you’ll find it easier to deliver the food to the customer before they leave empty-handed.

The next step is to hire a cashier and one chef. The personnel will help you manage the establishment and earn more cash passively.

When you gather a complete team, you could focus on investing in furniture (tables) and more ways to expand the restaurant.

Before you know it, you’ll sell hamburgers, fries, pizza, ice cream, and drinks to each consumer.

The 3D graphics and presentation might look a little “classical” (old), but you’ll still find it fun and easy to follow.

Upgrades will help you improve your personnel and increase the storage.

Mega Factory

A simple but outstanding video game that takes the Money Clicker Game gameplay elements differently. Instead of being a manager of a single restaurant or relating directly to your clients, you move into an “industrial” approach. In other words, like working in a factory.

You’ll need a primary source (like round bread) and move them into one assembling machine to produce a Hamburger.

Moving through the factory, you’ll see “hotspots” or marketplaces that unlock new in-game elements. For example, you can help your character with meaningful upgrades which increase carrying capacity and speed.

Furthermore, other spots will unlock new machinery and more ways to earn virtual currency.

Lastly, there’s a way to hire multiple workers, which might improve similar to your character. They can provide solid teamwork and great working flow.

Mega Factory comes with solid gameplay mechanics and a charming graphical setting. Sadly, this video game needed more time in the oven. Sometimes the worker’s AI gets stuck or takes time to gather the necessary materials. Therefore, you’ll move away from your area and fix the issue yourself.

Above all, you see everything Mega Factory offers in the first five minutes. The upgrades or unlocks make no relevant changes or add impactful gaming mechanics.

Without the addicting constant “clicking” elements from other video games from this list, boredom comes fast. Either way, since you don’t need to spend a cent to gain access to Mega Factory, you can always give it a try.

Sweet Shop 3D

On the last spot, we share with you this Money Clicker Game. In this game, you will play as a manager for a shop. Even though it plays like Dino’s Farm Shop, we have some welcome additions to explore. For example, you’ll see more upgrade options and additional hiring spots.

The 3D artwork from Sweet Shop 3D does the job. You can comfortably move around the area and move items around. Overall, this movement will help you transport items around the shop. Throughout the video game, you’ll see multiple fruits and ways to prepare them.

Sadly, after you complete the first “stage” and move to the second shop, you’ll see inconveniencies with the AI and random bugs. But you can still complete the task and reach the highest point.

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